Electric safety tester – Tetrees

The test solution implemented by Loccioni is the result of the experience based on the integration of industrial instrumentations: its realization comes from the need to have a configuration for the measures, test station automation, data storage, network connecting and the possibility to use a remote service.

The System

Tetrees is a basic system for managing the different test modules creating an integrated solution with a fast and easy user interface. The management software permits to perform:
| autotest
| test programs editing
| calibration
| stand alone test execution
| remote connection test execution with a server


| The system can be scaled and expandable and it can be configured for the execution of the only necessary functionalities and integrated with new ones.
| It is immediately integrated in production and quality management software business systems with conveyors and other products and external transducers.
| It is possible to control and update the system from remote through standard applications