Laser profilometer

The laser Profilometry allows to reconstruct the profile of an object and to measure all its parameters in order to control the dimension, position, inclination and deformation of the object under test.
Through the acquisition of different profiles it is possible to reconstruct the all shape of the object.

The profilometer developed by Loccioni Home is composed of a matrix camera and a laser. The camera evaluates the bending of the laser projected on the area under test. In this way it is possible to reconstruct the 3D image starting from a 2D image, through an algorithm of triangulation. The output of the sensor is the profile of the tested object.

The profile is evaluated by the software which extracts the dimensional information using the image processing technology and compares it to the acceptability limits, in order to give the result GOODor FAIL automatically.

Resolution: 0,05mm
| Measurement uncertainty: ±0,05mm
| Complete independence from the environmental light conditions
Gigabit Ethernet connection