It was 1976 when the first challenge by a home appliances manufacturer gave the start to Loccioni activity in the Home Appliances. The dedicated team focused on the designing and manufacturing of the first automatic test and quality control station for production line. Since then, Loccioni Home has been gaining the trust of the main appliances manufacturers as the natural effect of caring about their specific needs, mission and goals with competence and passion.

Passion, curiosity and enthusiasm drive the Group’s development and today Loccioni Home became Loccioni Industry, a world leader in the manufacturing of assembly and testing systems for different industrial sectors.

First challenge from Merloni Group for whom General Impianti designs and manufactures the first test system for washing machines.

Russia, Kiev: first test system installed abroad. It gains the notice of the international press: With Zerowatt, the first semi-automatic test systems with microprocessor.

AEA was established to focus on electronic quality control integrated systems. It gains the trust of such manufactures as A. Merloni (first automatic system), Fagor, S. Giorgio.

Integration with anthropomorphic robot for Merloni Group. AEA also designs its own electrical safety testers and measurement instruments.

First automatic test system designed for Baucknecht (now Whirlpool Group), who brings AEA to an international show and to the world attention in home appliance testing. First installation in China.

First resources dedicated to R&D. AEA gains the leadership in China and Europe, with such names as Haier, BSH, Whirlpool.

First data acquisition system for refrigerators installed in Egypt. First flow-rate and leakage system for gas cookers.

The MEDEA Project for vibration analysis starts a new non invasive test concept. First application on compressors (Embraco) and motors (Ce.Set.).

Development of a fully new generation range of electrical safety testers. Complete automatic test system for dishwashers.
The Netpeople project gets started.

First thermovision system for refrigerators quality control for Iar Siltal.

Quality designing starts with product designing: the R&D Lab develops the first system for WM cycle testing for Meccanica Generale. Implementation of Elica hoods lab.

Implementation of the first Machine Vision system for subassembly panels (Prettl). Integrated test lines for BSH global dishwashers project. Fast test for ovens (Indesit Company).

Implementation of R&D project results: Laser vibrometry for WM mechanical diagnosis in production line (Whirlpool). Integrated cookers test system for production line (Vestel).

Further implementation of R&D: Machine Vision system development (BSH and Wirlpool).

Electroluminescence for the quality control of photovoltaic panels in production line.

MUSA – Measuring Unit in Sound-proof Area: a turn-key completely automated testing station for washers directly integrating in the production line those tests that are usually performed in the R&D Laboratories only.

Installation of the first assembly and testing lines for industrial components such as electric motors and pumps.

3D-Feel: to establish a link between the measurements which objectify perceived quality and the subjective judgments provided by the population samples  selected to evaluate products aesthetics.

First implementation of vision and quality control systems on the food&beverage sector