At IFA 2013 a Quality Test Zone made by Loccioni

BOSCH stall: Spotlight on a responsible lifestyle.
The quality test zone developed by Loccioni is just in the middle of Bosch stall at the IFA exhibition, the most important electronics and household appliances fair.

At the Bosch stall, visitors will have the opportunity, from today until 11th September 2013, of looking around five zones, one for each of the five key consumer requirements, to experience the innovative “hands on technology”. Energy efficiency, performance, low noise, quality or lifestyle – Europe’s No. 1 household appliance brand will be exhibiting high-tech products from all categories. They are designed to offer practical added value to consumers while encouraging a responsible way of life. At the exhibition the company aims at raising awareness for greater responsibility in terms of consumption and lifestyle: a responsible way of life is a relevant issue when it comes to their daily routine.”, as written in the press release.

The Quality Test Zone offers an insight into the philosophy of quality and quality assurance at Bosch, “demonstrating where Bosch’s typical values of performance, reliability and durability come from”.

Vispee, the Loccioni Non Stop Vision Inspection system, the most innovative system within the robotized quality control field, proudly shows itself just in the middle of the quality zone in the Bosch stall.

For over 30 years Loccioni Group has been designing and developing quality control and testing solutions and systems for BSH, with numerous installations in the most important manufacturing sites in Europe, United States and China, especially in testing dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and cooking.
More than 25 Robotized Vision Inspection stations installed, for checking the quality by means of visual inspection on subassemblies and finished product, in particular for Bosch washing machines and dishwashers end line testing.

The station, appropriately realized for Bosch stall, also integrates the new Non Stop Vision Inspection features to acquire and process a huge quantity of images (tests to carry out on the component and/or home appliance in the production line) with robot continuous movement, therefore in a very short testing time.

For this reasons, to show how the Bosch quality could help the consumers to find a new responsible way of life, to choose a conscious answer to a daily routine, Bosch have chosen our quality.
A great occasion of collaboration with Bosch, for which Loccioni Group constantly works with the aim of creating new quality control systems; a big opportunity to demonstrate that our quality helps our costumer to perceive the highest objective of quality and care.

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