Loccioni at the Automation Fair

Sense, Move, Control“, the innovative Loccioni approach for Industries, arrives at the Rockwell Automation Fair, where you can see smart, safe and sustainable solutions that help to improve business profitability, optimize your plants and make your operations cleaner, safer, more secure and more energy efficient.

Sensors, Automation and Quality Control are strategic elements of a new production concept, in which process efficiency and production quality require a reduction in time and cost.

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At IFA 2013 a Quality Test Zone made by Loccioni

BOSCH stall: Spotlight on a responsible lifestyle.
The quality test zone developed by Loccioni is just in the middle of Bosch stall at the IFA exhibition, the most important electronics and household appliances fair.

At the Bosch stall, visitors will have the opportunity, from today until 11th September 2013, of looking around five zones, one for each of the five key consumer requirements, to experience the innovative “hands on technology”. Energy efficiency, performance, low noise, quality or lifestyle – Europe’s No. 1 household appliance brand will be exhibiting high-tech products from all categories. They are designed to offer practical added value to consumers while encouraging a responsible way of life. At the exhibition the company aims at raising awareness for greater responsibility in terms of consumption and lifestyle: a responsible way of life is a relevant issue when it comes to their daily routine.”, as written in the press release.
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Enrico Loccioni presents Loccioni Philosohy at SPS ICP Drive Italy

At SPS ICP Drive Italy Enrico Loccioni presents Loccioni philosophy and the skills that characterize the Group but also the close link with the world of education (school, university, masters) and the territory surrounding it.

Loccioni solutions presented at SPS IPC Drives Italy

Video Automazione IndustrialeSense, move and control are the three pillars of Loccioni approach proposed at SPS IPC Drives Italy 2013.

Loccioni Industry team tells about our idea of intelligent factory and comments on Vispee application exhibited at the fair. Vispee integrates robotics, control and vision that can be used in many areas of production, from automotive to food.

Whatch the video on Automazione Industriale

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